How KingGee's Bonding, Compression, and Impact Tests Ensure the Perfect Fit 

When it comes to work boots, finding the perfect fit is essential to ensure both comfort and safety on the job. We have engineered our boots to provide maximum comfort and safety. To ensure the perfect fit, we have implemented a 30-day comfort guarantee and conducted bonding, compression, and impact tests on their work boots. 


Measures the force required to separate the upper from the sole unit or to separate different layers within the sole unit, i.e., separate midsole from outsole. Material tearing is part of the assessment when the force required to tear the material itself apart is lower than the bonding strength between two different materials and lower than the bonding requirement then material failure will occur.


This test measures the resistance of a toe cap being compressed by an upper plate with a pressing force 15kN = 1.5ton. The clearance between the toes and the toe cap must be over 12.5mm or 15mm depending on sizes.


Each toe cap has to pass the impact resistance test explained in the standard. After the drop of a 20kg striker with a force of 200J, the clearance between your toes and the toe cap must be between 12.5mm to 15mm depending on sizes. 


Wherever possible, ask for store assistance, ideally measuring foot size using a Brannock fitting device. Some top tips for fitting your own footwear: 

• Pull out the innersole and place your foot on top of it 

• Typically, there should be an 8-10 mm gap between the longest toe and the end of the Footbed 

• Repeat on both feet - 80% of people have one-foot longer than the other 

• Ensure you try on both boots, walking to gauge initial fit and comfort 

• Wear a bamboo work sock, as this will work well with the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking lining of the boots. 

Protect your feet by choosing the right size, the right design, fit for your foot and workplace.  


Our work boots have been engineered to provide maximum comfort. After a careful study of the Australian foot anatomy, we have designed KingGee boots with a wider last, sole and toe cap. We are so confident you will love these boots that they come with a 30-day comfort guarantee when fitted in store by our trusted partners. 

Choosing the right work boot is crucial to ensure comfort and safety on the job. Our bonding, compression, and impact tests ensure that their boots are fit for purpose, making them the perfect choice for any industry. By providing a 30-day comfort guarantee, we stand behind their product, ensuring that our customers will be satisfied with the perfect fit of their work boots. 


Choosing correct footwear for your industry is essential. Requirements for a heavy industrial worksite may be significantly different compared to someone covering high kilometres on a warehouse floor. Make sure you ask for store assistance to understand which footwear product is best for your industry. Put your right foot forward by selecting boots fit for purpose.