Conscious. Responsible. Ethical.

Discover sustainable workwear in Australia.

At KingGee, we believe caring for our community means caring for our planet. Proud to be recognised as a trusted partner for workwear solutions, we are committed to meeting, exceeding and leading our customers’ sustainability expectations. That’s why we are constantly striving to innovate and advance a world-class sustainability agenda, which currently leads the Australasian workwear apparel industry. 

When it comes to sustainability, we believe in doing the work. We always look for areas to improve in our business and supply chain and are proud of our efforts to better ourselves - for our customers and communities. 

We’ve developed the best in environmentally-conscious workwear, so you can benefit from unparalleled performance without compromising on your values.

From sourcing to sale, our mission is to provide you with clothing that you can be proud of, while keeping you safe on the worksite. This means working tirelessly to provide you with high-performing fabrics that don’t cost the earth. 

Discover KingGee’s Sustainability Vision in our digital magazine below, and find out how your favourite sustainable work pants can have a positive impact on your community, environment and beyond.