A guide to our apparel icons

Lightweight Icon

Light Weight 

Lightweight fabrics that do not compromise strength or durability. 

Performance Fabric and Technology

Performance Fabrics & Technology 

Ripstop Fabric

Ripstop Fabric 

Ripstop fabrics have been woven to be highly tear and rip resistant. 

Maximum UV Protection

Maximum UV Protection 

Working outside can expose you to continual UV light, this UV light can cause serious and irreversible eye damage. All lenses used in the manufacture of KingGee glasses protect the wearer from both UVA & UVB radiation offering maximum UV protection.  

Polarized Lens Technology

Polarized Lens Technology

Compression Molded EVA When sunlight reflects off horizontal surfaces such as roads and water it condenses to create glare, also called disability glare. The polarizing filters used in the KingGee Polarized lenses eliminates 99.9% of this reflected glare providing crystal clear vision, excellent colour contrast, distortion-free and reduce eye fatigue. 

Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses 

KingGee safety glasses not only look great but are designed using durable and lightweight frame materials coupled with hardened Polycarbonate lenses for the ultimate protection and comfort. Glasses are available for both indoor and outdoor use and are tested to meet Eye Protection standard AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 medium impact. 

Mesh Vent

Mesh Vent 

Mesh venting in high heat zones improving breathability and keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. 

Recycled Icon


Incorporates GRS endorsed recycled materials including linings and outsole. 

Stretch Icon


Built-in stretch providing comfort and freedom of movement. 

Moisture Management

Moisture Management 

Fabrics designed to keep you dry and comfortable: moisture wicking, quick drying and breathable. 

Reflectec Icon


Material that uses millions of reflective glass beads to reflect light back towards its original source for increased visibility and safety in low light situations. 

Technotex icon


Water, oil and soil repellent finish, helping you stay dry and clean and keeps fabrics and colours looking new for longer. 

Neocool protective Kneepad

Neocool Protective Kneepad 

With increased airflow and breathability. Built in perforated kneepads. 

Reversible Icon


Triple Stitching 

Triple stitching providing increased strength and durability in key stress points. 

UPF Rating Icon

UPF Rating 

An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating for Ultraviolet Radiation transmitted through a fabric onto the skin.Look for garments with a UPF 50+ rating to be assured of excellent protection. These garments have been designed to comply with AS/ NZS 4399:2017. 

Wind Proof Icon

Wind ProoF 

Garments constructed with fabric that has a windproof membrane and have been seam sealed to prevent wind penetrating the inside of the garment. 

Wrinkle Resistant Icon

Wrinkle Resistant 

Durable fabric finish that reduces the garments tendency to crease, making it easy to care for.  

Water Resistant icon

Water Resistant 

Garments constructed using highly water resistant fabrics. Not waterproof due to garment seams not being sealed. 

Wind Resistant Icon

Wind Resistant 

Garments constructed using highly wind resistant fabrics. Not windproof due to garment seams not being sealed.