REPREVE® is the world's leading recycled fibre, made for the good of tomorrow. It's created from plastic bottles that would otherwise go to landfill. KingGee utilises this technology to reduce the environmental impact on the planet while maintaining the highly durable, comfortable and stylish workwear it's famous for.For cConsumers who want to care for the environment, now and into the future, REPREVE® is the leading brand that inspires to be a catalyst for change through recycling. When they buy products made with REPREVE®, they know they are part of a movement to protect the land, oceans, wildlife, air and natural resources they love, for the next generation.

Cordura Fabric Icon


Cordura® adds style, durability and comfort to workwear. This lightweight fabric is made using the highest tenacity fibre technology available. With an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and remarkable resistance to tears, scuffs and abrasions, Cordura can withstand more than three times the amount of wear of standard workwear fabrics. Not surprisingly, it’s fabrics like Cordura that help KingGee workwear deliver the kind of class leading toughness and comfort that you’d expect from an Aussie icon.

Coolmax icon


The COOLMAX® brand is a family of polyester fibers that are designed to help you beat the heat. This cooling technology creates clothing with permanent moisture-wicking performance. Whether it’s a hot day, you want to stay cool in the office, or you’re working out, COOLMAX® technology transports moisture away from your skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates quickly to

help keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

3M Insulate


Insulation using 78% recycled polyester from postconsumer waste, giving a new life to resources that might otherwise end up in landfill.