Meet Liam Fleming, a local artist and glass blower hailing from Adelaide. Drawn to the process of glass blowing and the various ways heat can manipulate the shape of his creations, Liam sculpts glass out of a furnace with a working temperature of 1140 degrees. Learn more about Liam's process and what makes him tick!

Watch the mini film below.

"My work spans both the functional interior design space and the art gallery collectors' space. What inspired me to get into glassblowing was the process itself. We work out of a furnace at a working temperature of 1140 degrees. Once heated, we transfer the glass to a furnace, where all the shaping and reheating occurs. One method we use to shape the glass involves our hands and a wet newspaper. This technique provides us the ability to manipulate the glass directly, showcasing the unique flexibility that glassblowing offers."

"Glass, being an unforgiving medium with an incredible 'memory', reacts based on how you control and handle it. Our toolkit is diverse, from wooden blocks made of Cherrywood to metal tools like jacks and tweezers, which essentially serve as our fingers. We also manage annealing temperatures and cool the glass overnight to a point where it won't slump or crack, typically around 500 degrees."

"My favourite part of working with glass is the teamwork, the camaraderie with friends, and the challenge of handling heat. I relish working in a community because the exchange of ideas can change the way we approach the material. I appreciate the different perspectives people bring when working with the same material."

"My inspiration consistently comes from my past pieces, as I'm continuously learning from my own work, using that as a foundation for my new creations. KingGee products are invaluable to me as they offer protection and do an excellent job of maintaining a comfortable temperature in hot environments."

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