An icon reborn

We’re thrilled to announce the re-launch of the KingGee brand!

For nearly a century, KingGee has stood as an Australian icon and industry leader, celebrated for its pioneering innovations. As we gear up for another century of excellence, we've refocused our brand on today's tradie and the next generation. It's all about relevance, pride, aspiration, and unmatched performance. Introducing our fresh brand positioning: “KingGee – You Wear The Crown”. This positioning will not only elevate KingGee but also resonate with the ever-evolving tradie landscape.


Tradies exude pride, both quietly and loudly. By connecting with this pride, KingGee aims to foster deeper brand love.


“KingGee – You Wear The Crown” is more than a statement. It's a promise of empowerment, loyalty, and excellence. It recognises the growing respect for tradies and celebrates 'tradie pride'. Moreover, this statement is the essence of KingGee – making us the reason you shine every day.


KingGee – You Wear The Crown, is a statement that squarely puts you in the driver’s seat, builds a sense of loyalty and pride, and connects our brand to the way you perform. 

It's an aspiration statement for our brand and product offering, directly linked into the lives of our trades. It’s an empowering and uplifting positioning statement for our ‘performance’ workwear brand that directly ties to our consumer insights that ‘trades are more respected today than ever before’ & ‘tradie pride’.